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The Product Entrepreneur Podcast

Aug 30, 2023

One thing I have personally learnt in this journey is that making money is the easiest part of business. However, the hardest part is maintaining that money. 


You may ask me why? It’s because when you move to new levels of growth, you have to shift your identity to adapt to the things you want.  So what do you need to do in order to break past your fears and accept the success you’re stepping into?


In this week’s podcast, we’re diving into the Mindset and Strategy required to get from $500k to $1M in your product business, including: 


📊How to create a 3-5 year growth plan.

🧑‍💻How to hire people who can execute in areas outside your zone of genius.

💌When to start doubling down on your email marketing.

And more!


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