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The Product Entrepreneur Podcast

Apr 10, 2024

Picture this: 

You’ve poured hundreds (if not THOUSANDS) of hours into designing the perfect product. 

You know it works. You went through dozens of prototypes to iron out every single kink. It addresses a particular problem and makes things 10X easier. Heck, you use it yourself!

People should love this. 

And yet…it’s not flying off the shelves. 

Lots of you are probably in this predicament yourself. And if you are, I want to tell you something super important: 

You have a great product—but that’s not enough. 

Your blood, sweat, and marketing budget is a phenomenal start, but you can’t outmarket your sales strategy. 

That’s where I’m here to help!

In this week's podcast episode, we get into the nitty-gritty of how to make your product sell like hotcakes the way that it DESERVES, including: 

✨ How to frame your messaging to be irresistible 

✨ Tapping into what your People constantly talk about

✨ Conveying your convictions (aka your “Why”)

And most importantly, how to tie it all together in one pretty, punchy package!

We already know your product is life-changing. Now, it’s time to make that translate into some life-changing sales! 

Tune in today, and in just 30 short minutes, let’s make those shelves nice and empty—the way they should be!


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