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The Product Entrepreneur Podcast

Apr 24, 2024

Whether you’re a full-face glam type or a natural face girlie, you probably already know one of the most important (and hard to perfect) steps of the makeup routine: 

Your foundation. 

I was struggling with this myself this past year. My usual go-to—the Fenty Sheer Glow foundation—just never really agreed with my skin, no matter what I tried. It looks so bomb on other people, but on me, it just sat kind of cakey and dry. My skin never drank it up like I wanted it to. 

Enter my new fav: the Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation. I gave this one another try, and voila: melty, glassy perfection! 

But of course, you know me—it’s never just about makeup. 

My recent discovery got me thinking about the parallels between the foundation we put on our faces and the foundation of our product-based brands.  (Stick with me here!)

Your base sets the tone for your final look. 

It either pulls everything together, or it sets you up for failure. 

It can either make you feel like a glowy goddess, or it makes you feel self-conscious and out of place. 

It’s also a tricky balance that takes some people years to really nail. But once you do, there is no turning back!

Trust me—finding that right foundation (whether for your face or your brand) makes you feel like you’re on Cloud 9. 

And if you need a little help finding the right match, be sure to tune in to this week’s podcast episode, where we dive into the things you need for the best brand foundation possible, including: 

💄Raving about specific features and benefits of your product

💄Showing the moment of choice to back up your premium pricing

💄Adding character, depth, and personality with your positioning 

And more! 

You deserve a foundation that flatters you—let’s figure out what that looks like for your brand!


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