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The Product Entrepreneur Podcast

Aug 2, 2023

“Maureen, you talk pretty big about the power of my brand message, but how do I know if it’ll actually work for me?”


If you’ve ever asked yourself that question—or anything similar along those lines—then this week's episode is a must-hear for you!


Because this week, we’re not just talking in hypotheticals. This week, we talk to the wonderful Veerpal,  the founder of EO Healing and a true believer of the brand message magic!

  • How Veerpal went from medical professional to brand builder extraordinaire

  • How she unlocked the key to better sales hiding her catalog

  • How she connected with the audience that MATTERED


And more! 


You don’t have to take my word for it anymore! See how these concepts shaped a pro brand builder in the flesh—and how those same concepts could do the same for you!



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