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The Product Entrepreneur Podcast

Jun 25, 2022

In this episode, Leslie shares her journey to the seven-figure mark and navigating the heavily male-dominated entrepreneur space.

Leslie was in business for 17 years before she brought her business over the six-figure mark. She remarks that it wasn't an overnight success. Still, the first step in that process was acknowledging that making that kind of money was what she truly wanted.

She highlights the following as some actions you need to take to grow your business:

  • Acknowledge that you want to make money and lots of it 
  • Inundate yourself with learning through podcasts and conferences and connect with like-minded people
  • Prioritize taking time off and having 'empty time.'
  • Know your numbers
  • Build the business and invest the profits

Leslie’s mission is to inspire other women entrepreneurs, especially those with product-based businesses, to be successful and counteract the staggering 1% statistic.

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