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The Product Entrepreneur Podcast

Oct 6, 2020

When it comes to owning a successful product-based business, knowing what NOT to do can often be as important as knowing what TO DO. As a brand growth strategist, I have witnessed entrepreneurs making some of the same mistakes over and over and over again while trying to grow their brand.


I want to help you avoid those mistakes.


We live in a highly-saturated market, and you need a magnetic, profitable brand that will not only stand out in a crowd, but will also stand the test of time. Building that kind of brand is a journey, and I can help you navigate the problems and challenges that will inevitably occur along the way.


In this episode of The Product Entrepreneur Podcast, we’ll talk about these common marketing pitfalls and how you can prevent them:


  • Pricing your products really high, then trying to compensate with discounts.
  • Training your customers to only buy from you when there’s a sale.
  • Burning advertising dollars on short-term ads and giving up too quickly.
  • And three more. . .


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