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The Product Entrepreneur Podcast

Aug 6, 2022

Everyone is trying to save time. So the faster your product on the shelf can 'speak' to consumers, the more money you will make. This is why a lot of groundwork has to be done to understand your ideal customer demographics and behaviors and tailor your branding and messaging accordingly.

In this episode, you will gain insights into predicting and understanding consumer behavior. You will appreciate the people-first approach to solving consumers' problems and why you need to focus on connecting with your customer more than selling them your product. In addition, you will understand how data helps drive better design and, more importantly, how vital messaging is to the purchasing process of any brand you are trying to sell.

Here's a sneak peek…

[1:03] Siena's backstory and journey into branding.

[2:10] Understanding the people-first approach and why understanding the customer must be your focus.

[9:32] Connecting eats selling for breakfast when it comes to messaging.

[12:22] The need to keep messaging and branding simple.

[16:26] Ways to collect data and how data drives brand strategy and packaging design.

[16:47] Understanding consumer demographics and behaviors is essential. How to leverage tools like trend reports, for example, Mintel and Euromonitor.

[18:18] The value of consumer testing.

[22:27] Current trends impacting consumer behavior:

[29:12] Parting advice on consumer behavior, messaging, and branding

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