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The Product Entrepreneur Podcast

Aug 27, 2022

With me today are Anna Maria and her sister Jackie, co-founders of Telias Styles and Design. Before Telias Style And Design, Anna Maria worked in retail for Dress Band for 17 years. When Dress Band closed at the end of 2019, it allowed her to focus on Telias and bring it to life. Telia started by making masks during COVID and then rolled into fashion, then decided to zero in on home décor, starting with making throw pillows.

However, it was not all smooth sailing with Telias. They operated on a purely mom-and-pop standpoint with no positioning statement. They also did not have brand direction, a website, and barely any marketing knowledge. They had a social media footprint but did not know how to leverage social media to build the brand. It is no surprise that this resulted in frustration, let alone with the metrics that mattered, but with the vanity metrics like likes and comments on social media.

Today, the two co-founders are here to talk about the impact of the Product Profit Lab program on their business

Episode Highlights

[1:30] Guest introduction and how they formed their business


[3:33] The state of Telias Style and Design before Product Profit Lab in terms of pricing, marketing, and emotional state


[6:41] The impact of Product Profit Lab on Telias Style and Design


[08:55] How preplanning for growth has reflected in Telias Style and Design sales


[11:07] The results Telias' Style and Design achieved from the coaching


[13:38] One valuable lesson the two learned from the program was not attaching your personal feelings and thoughts to the brand and make decisions based on data and not feelings/thoughts.


[15:28] Fears and hesitations Anna Maria and Jackie had before taking the program


[19:10] Telias' customers' price objections and how they dealt with them


[20:50] Mistakes the program saved Anna Maria and Jackie from


[27:17] The annual holiday planning and maximizing promos each calendar month


[28:50] What the program guarantees if you show up, listen to guidance, and implement 


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Telias Style and Design Website

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