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The Product Entrepreneur Podcast

Mar 13, 2024

As we head into Q2, you may be pouring over the bills on the table with a heavy heart. 

It probably feels like there’s not enough to work with—too little in the bank, too many expenses popping up, and no room to breathe in between. 

You may have even seen your sales plateau, despite doing EVERYTHING right. You’re showing up, you’re putting in the work, and yet, your sales aren’t matching your energy. 

If this hits close to home for you right now, then I’m here to share one of the most important things you’ll ever read when it comes to your brand: 

You do not need a lot of money to build a really successful brand. 

Let me repeat that: you do not need a lot of money to build a successful brand. 

You ALSO don’t need a lot of money to break out of that sales plateau and get your growth back on track. 

So that leaves the question: what do you need? 

That’s the key question we’re diving into in this week’s podcast episode! This week, we’re digging into real, tangible ways to break out of your capped growth and get your brand momentum back, including: 

✨ How being brave in your business can open doors you never thought possible

✨ How marketing is a skill that ANYONE can master—no bubbly personality required!

✨ How to break through in even the most saturated markets 

And more!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to your brand’s progress this year. If you’re tired of crunching the numbers in a panic, then be sure to tune in and see how your brand growth strategy can make that dreaded sales plateau a thing of the past!


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