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The Product Entrepreneur Podcast

Jan 3, 2022

Do you wish you could create abundance in your life?  As we begin a new year, many of us have been taking the time to dream up our goals and make plans for 2022.  I want to show you how to achieve those goals and create abundance through the things you already have.

I talk a lot about assets when I’m teaching business. I often emphasize how important it is to create and have assets  in your business. So, I like to define an asset as a resource with value.  They give you a positive return on your investment.  Usually, when we think about assets, most of us are trained to think about them financially.   We consider them something we can invest money into.

I truly believe the most important assets that you as a business owner possess are your brain, your time, and your money.  You'll notice that I haven’t even included material possessions or the “normal” revenue-producing assets in this conversation.  We’re not going to talk about those today.   While this isn’t a financial lesson, it will still help your finances!

I want you to know that the way these investments should happen is from the bottom up.  This means that you should be investing your money into creating more time, which is more valuable than money.  Then you should be investing your time and your money into your brain to make your brain more valuable.

Ready to learn how to grow your assets and create abundance in your life and business?  Listen for all the details!

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