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The Product Entrepreneur Podcast

Feb 12, 2023

It’s time to hit the gas pedal for your launch, but before we pick up speed, we need to know we’re going in the right direction. In this week’s episode, we dig into the foundation you need for your most explosive launch yet, including:

  • Shaping who you ARE during your launch period, not just what you do

  • How to introspect on the thought patterns holding you back (like indecisiveness, imposter syndrome, and fear of judgement)

  • How protecting yourself from failure is also protecting yourself from success

  • Embracing vulnerability as your greatest asset

  • The difference between embracing failure and taking the action to fail—and why it matters

And more!

Product launches are as much about the failures as they are about the successes, and you have to plan on—and even count on—having both. 



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