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The Product Entrepreneur Podcast

Apr 18, 2022

In this episode, Jennifer will share her entrepreneurship journey, and I hope you can borrow a leaf or two?

How Jennifer’s parents influenced her entrepreneurship journey

Jennifer grew up with entrepreneurial parents, and everything seemed just normal for her until the conversations they were having started changing into serious discussions. Jennifer admired how present her parents were to the family, and it made her admire entrepreneurship.

Jennifer’s inspiration to venture into the healthy snacks business

When Jennifer started her business, they were throwing just anything into the box, but things changed because she was going through her health journey. She decided to change the box’s contents since she discovered how essential diet is.

Factors to consider when buying snacks

The first thing you need to do is read the ingredients list and make sure you understand everything and are comfortable with it. Also, keep in mind that your body counts on nutrients, not calories.


[00:44] Getting to know Jennifer: who she is, what companies she manages, and how she became an entrepreneur.

[02:53] How Jennifer’s parents influenced her entrepreneurship journey

[10:05] What inspired Jennifer to get into the healthy snacks business?

[16:35] How Jennifer’s business has changed since we started working together

[22:00] What to consider when buying healthy snacks


  • “The longer you stay in your deep chances are high that you’re going to be in the energy of defeat, which forces you to give up.”
  • “Entrepreneurship is the monetization of a solution.”
  • “When we’re getting into something new, naturally, we gravitate towards comparing ourselves with people who’ve been in the game long enough and we get stuck.”
  • “You don’t want your blood sugar to drop too low throughout the day. You want to make sure that you’re having smaller meals, those smaller snacks to keep you going.”

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